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Or - and admittedly this is the more likely conclusion - this life of mine (which, incidentally, I've always thought pretty original and Out There) is in fact so middle of the road I'm hurtling down the central reservation. By 2010, we're told, there will be more unmarried adults than married.Thirty years ago a typical household could be defined as a married couple and their 2.4 children.It’s such a subtle touch that says, “I’m not gonna jump right out immediately and brag, but I am going to let you know: I would love to meet the two guys who were consulting one another for dating counsel and accidentally spawned what has to be the strangest advice resulting in the most proliferated theme of Tinder: “Dude.Chicks That photo of you shaking hands with Obama says, “I have moderate political aspirations and may talk about them on a first date.” It also kind of says, “If I’m good enough to meet Obama, I’m probably good enough to meet you.” That may very well be true, but since about 8 billion of you have the same picture in the same pose, try adding some clip art or glitter or something. The Iron Throne Takeover is “All Men Must Die,” right? One that doesn’t subconsciously evoke murder or hint at the fact that you waited in a line for 24 hours to sit on a prop replica.All the usual areas are covered in the 500-odd page report: how many of us are married, how many of us have children, what we do with our leisure time.As I read through the statistics, I come to the realisation that either I've been accosted by women with clipboards outside train stations many more times than I realise.No one can see taglines unless they click on your picture, and if someone’s rapid-fire swiping with abandon, mark my words, they don’t have time for the whole paternity-test reveal. Was this photo taken for your Linked In, your acting portfolio, or as a gift for your mom that transitioned into your multi-purpose profile picture?Besides, that baby doesn’t need to be on Tinder yet. Do you always wear sensibly-colored t-shirts in skin-flattering palettes such as dusty purple and sage? Siegfried & Roy, Before the Accident A LOT of you have photos with tigers.

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You'll say something oh so tender, which I can’t remember an hour later when I'm serving you my lion-esque style of penetration, and then before you know it the walk is over.

You'll see me on the coast looking pensively out at the sea, reflecting back on all of the endearing little things I did that week. ) Not too gorilla-bulgy or ostentatious, just a healthy German schnauzer hugged snug in a spandex hammock. )))))) I know you may have had long walks on the beach before, but probably not with me. ) and a few coquettish glances at my stuff downstairs.

For example, the way I mistook a head of lettuce for a cabbage at the supermarket! That was a little mix-up I suavely turned to my advantage with a lettuce pescallini casserole that wowed a casual party of forty people that night at my penthouse. Nothing too off the scale, but you know, just right for the motion on the ocean or the pumps and the bump, if you know what I mean! My walks on the beach are long, I’ll tell you right now! And don’t be surprised if I pop a cork on a bottle of Dom Perignon during our little stroll and pour a splash or two on my Coppertone-glistening body. Not that I’m expecting the same type of spontaneity from you of course.

Today only 25 per cent of homes fit this description and my partner and I are more typical. I can't speak for him (that would be far too old-fashioned) but I have every intention of loving him and cherishing him until death us do part.

However, like the majority of my generation, I feel a wedding is best reserved for Spice Girls and celebrity chefs.

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