Tyler perry dating janet jackson

It indicates an artistic departure for Perry, who usually directs comedies, winning a substantial fan base of primarily African American moviegoers.

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Julie and Jim say the reason they got married almost 12 years ago is pretty simple... "It just happened a little sooner than we had planned." The couple says the first few years of their marriage were more stressful than they imagined. "At 23 we were in love, but we were doing what we were supposed to because we had a child on the way." Before the wedding, Julie says she thought marriage would be easy and that the romance would never fade..was wrong.

"I think when you're younger you have these expectations where you're going to have that puppy love thing and it's going to last forever," he says.

"Our expectations were a little more realistic." David was married once before, but this is Sally's first marriage. "I got married because I was tired of being alone," she says.

But in the real world, it doesn't happen like that." With kids, work and household chores pulling them in different directions, Jim and Julie say they've come up with a creative way to keep the spark alive—hotel sex. I wanted another warm body in the bed with me at night." Then, she met Steve.

"Twelve years and three kids later, sometimes it's important for us to get away," Julie says. The couple married five years ago, and they say the second time's a charm! "Marriage is supposed to be easy, and with Steve, everything is so easy." After years of being single, Steve says he had become selfish, but Bernice has helped him change his ways. "I'm still learning that I have to begin to die to myself.

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