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What was the reason that she suddenly looked attractive while we could catch a glimpse of her freckles and dark circles, while she demonstrated impressive concentration with a cool gaze? “Please pick pictures with an interesting face, a never before seen face, a new face. While shooting the movie, I thought it was about the era we are living now. What kind of changes do you need as actress Han Hyo-joo?

I kind of feel bored when I look at my face.” This was the reason that the interview with Han Hyo-joo went unexpectedly. In this world, with a lot of out-of-bound things happening, should we live with common sense, should we live nicely, well yes, we should. What can you say if you ask yourself the same question? My shortcoming as an actress is that I try too hard to do it well.

A marvelously edited film with so many Korean actors and actresses as the new person that must win the girl's heart with each new day.

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Last time I saw actress Han Hyo-joo was in the movie was not satisfied with love or desire, she was wavering because she could not control her own emotions due to her strong jealousy. I used to be really alone when I was taking a break. (laughs) Maybe the best way to completely break out of yourself the way you want is to meet a good project as an actress? Therefore, after coming back from the film site, it is physically very tiring and I feel anxious as well.

The first time the disc would not play but thought it was defective so I bought a second copy and this one would not start to play either.

Really disappointed- I watch lots of foreign movies and saw this one had good reviews.

I was looking forward to seeing this with a friend, but when I opened the package and inserted it into the DVD player, a message appeared that said the disc was scratched. It was a lovely movie, however I could not get the English subtitles to work (I rented this via Amazon Video).

I removed it and sure enough, there were 2 scratches on the just-opened/never before used disc. Thankfully, I minored in Korean at college so I could understand most of the dialogue.

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