Intimidating meaning urban dictionary

A website which allows insecure and uninformed teenagers to spout what they erroneously believe is wit, wisdom, or knowledge.A common occurrence is for fans of a band to beg the reader to be "open minded" about this band, which they "discovered" on mtv.

It should be both noted and ignored, embraced and dismissed, laughed at and revered.\< Bad Urban Dictionary user\> *reads GUDS's definition* What the fuck, that's bullshit. I hate black people and gay people, here on Urban Dictionary.It's a [faggot] car that [gay]-[ass] [Az N] gangstas [rice] the shit out of. AND I HATE COLORED PEOPLE TOO, FOR NO REASON, WHITE POWER LOLZA website that has been taken over by: Conservatives who rant their political and untrue propaganda Elito-Conformist "punks" who bash every type of music that isn't considered "classic" Stupid teenagers who use this as a place to make fun of their friends Biggots who make fun of people based on their religions and races and names and genders and sexualities. Israel is a nation, Arabs are subhuman, here on Urban Dictionary. Green Day sucks, ALL of their fans think they are punk, here on Urban Dictionary. An online cesspit of pre-teen nonsense, pretentiously corting itself as a "slang dictionary".The result of millions of teenagers who have too much free time, and have been pre-disposed to the influences of a media run by arrogant megalomaniacs who put more thought into selling impracticle products than making relevent influential television.Thus resulting in the spread of ignorance through the internet comunity via rascism, conformity, mis-information, and the pinnacle of a society ironically corrupted by those who claim to be trying to save the last milligrams of purity and innoscense left in this nuclear prozac nation...

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