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After gaining all the knowledge and being skilled, he was hired at CNN in September 2006. Besides his television personality, he is also an author who has recently published a book about his life.He has won an Emmy award for his report on Chicago’s real estate market and Edward R. His book was titled Transparent which includes a discussion of his hard time in childhood.Soon, Griffin began to encourage Lemon to pierce his nipple. ” Baldwin asked a bartender before Lemon goes under the needle. Lemon, who admitted he was “lit,” opened up to Baldwin, announcing he is a terrible person to date but that he may be open for a relationship in 2017. Lemon didn’t need much prodding, and began to unbutton his shirt before being talked out of it by Baldwin. While being in college he worked as a news assistant on Channel 5 in New York City.After graduation, he started to work as a professional anchor for WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama, and WCAU in Philadelphia.“I always live life to the fullest,” Lemon said shortly after getting his ear pierced on live TV. I’m maybe open to a relationship this year, I wasn’t before.” After cohost Brooke Baldwin joked about him saying he was looking fro a relationship, Lemon doubled down.

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Don Lemon has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million.In order to be transparent, you really have to be completely honest and open, so that's how I've lived my life, and that's where I am now. There's nothing that you can't ask me and nothing I won't talk about. He is also commonly known for his work on NBC and MSNBC. As regards to his education, he completed his high school education from Baker High School. Don Lemon is known for hosting the program ‘CNN Tonight’. He was raised along with his sisters in West Baton Rouge and Port Allen. Later his mother got married to Lemon’s step-father. He holds mixed ethnicity of African-American and French as his parents belong to different descent.Many people struggle to come out when it comes to sexuality, but a very few are brave enough to come out, proud of who they are.Speaking of getting out, many celebrities have the tendency to be brave enough to reveal they are true to nature.

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