Dating st petersburg fl

I hate the meathead scene, but love the gym itself.There's a lot outside South Tampa that is far less douche-baggy.There are just as many clam roasts as sausage fests.

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Or is it more that they're missing the keeper qualities you're looking for?

I've seen A-Rod working out in the early morning at HP Lifestyles, although that was last training season.

The Bucs cheerleaders have practices at the HP Lifestyles as well.

To the OP, I'm from Michigan and I've found the dating scene pretty good there for guys, but that's more around metro-Detroit and Ann Arbor, maybe Northern Michigan isn't so great.

Craig, I've read through a lot of your posts (love them - you sound a lot like me - maybe just a little bit taller and I'm probably a little more thin than built compared to you, maybe a little less abrasive of a personality, but not by much - so I suspect my experience if I move to Tampa will be similar to yours) and I'm surprised that you haven't settled down with somebody.

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