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They kept me going for the four-hundred hours I needed to complete a huge cross-stitch last year, and through an epic road trip through seventeen states this summer. —and covers a pretty broad range of topics from the instructional to the philosophical, including kissing, fetishes, healing after abuse, and, in the most recent episode, the intersection of sexuality and the Bible.

Since a kind of uncomfortable on-air breakup with her co-host in March, Sandra Daugherty has been keeping the podcast going with really great guests and co-hosts.

They came up with a really great list—six of their picks either help me stay awake on my commute to work or motivate me to stay on the exercise bike a little longer.

Club rounded up fifteen of their writers and collected ballots to determine the top ten podcasts of the year.

Dating/relationship expert Lucia discusses 5 ways to get over a breakup - #5 is unheard of and pushes the envelope.

Brian has Muscular Dystrophy and gets around in a wheelchair, but that doesn't mean he won't make out with your girlfriend when you're not looking.

Sonny is very wealthy and established in the field of music industry which is the result for him to earn exact amount of salary.

Sonny height, body measurement and weight are not explicitly mentioned in the social pages as well as in the public he has not expressed about it.Whether you end the relationship or your partner breaks up with you, it's always painful.What can you do to make this emotionally intense time more bearable?He is a family oriented person and within today he has a very happy family by now.Sonny never got involved into any extra rumors of dating and girlfriend outside his married life and he is totally dedicated into his relationship.

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