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and the next minute, he’s disappeared completely and you find yourself obsessively Googling things like .You get more and more frustrated, realizing you’re being ignored, until you become less polite and straight up ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?We all like to feel wanted, but going too far will scare him off. Just give him some space and see what happens next. The poor guy might realize that he misses you, or he might be wondering just who in the heck you’re occupied with instead of him. You make half the conversation, and you’ll regret letting it go so easy. He clearly isn’t coming back and isn’t worth your energy. The reason for his absence might be that he’s confused about what you guys are all about, or maybe he somehow got the impression that YOU were losing interest. A clue as to why he isn’t responding to your texts might be in your recent text conversations.I know it’s hard, but if he’s gone quiet, it’s better to just play it cool and see what happens next. Waiting 3-4 days seems like a decent amount of time before a follow-up text if you think there is more to be said. Phoning him up is the best way to sort out any issues, doubts or misunderstandings. Take a brief look to see what direction they were heading in.Perhaps you simply missed (or chose to ignore) signs that he’s not ready for a relationship.Maybe this has been coming, and his disappearance isn’t as abrupt and unexpected as you first thought.

Obvious logic doesn’t always work in the complicated brains of guys. Well, first and foremost, when a guy stops texting you, it doesn’t always mean that he’s done with you and you’re never going to hear his name again. I’m sure that some people would disagree with me, but I don’t think that guys really like to be chased. If you hound him, bombarding him with needy texts, he’ll likely find it off-putting to the point where he definitely won’t be texting again. Let’s put it this way: you don’t have to wait forever for him to get in touch. Don’t send him a monologue explaining how much you’ve missed him or reprimand him for not responding to your texts. Show that you’re not upset, but do show that you care about him enough to find out if he’s still around. There is a fine line between being casual and making him feel like you’re only messaging because you have no one better to talk to. If he doesn’t have the good grace to reply to your casual-as-heck reach-out text, it’s a good idea to just move on. If you’re worth enough, he’ll call you back if he’s busy. Just go and get some wine (and Bridget Jones’ Diary)!

Have you ever spent loads of time analysing an email? Have you ever reread a text trying to gauge the meaning or read waaay more into it?

Have you spent ages agonising over when he’s going to respond to these forms of communication?

It’s probably a bit cliché to be thinking about love while watching a romantic comedy, but the movie makes a lot of great points about dating, it’s relatable to many people, and to be honest, it’s one of my favorite movies.

One of the ideas it puts across is that guys are very good at chasing girls.

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