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It isn’t ‘new’ anymore.”Miguel added, “The first line is your pitch; if you don’t sell me in the first line, I won’t keep going to the second.I’ve told some PR people to think of that first line like a tweet.Give me everything I need to know in a sentence, then elaborate on the details.”So that means we can say goodbye to email pitches that begin with “hope this email finds you well” and instead focus on the first one to 200 words that make up the average paragraph, with a special emphasis on the first sentence – which should likely be between eight to 14 words long. According to research by the American Press Institute, “Readers’ Degree of Understanding,” we are better at comprehending shorter sentences than longer ones.Ann Wylie summarized the findings for the Public Relations Society of America, noting, “When the average sentence length in a piece was fewer than eight words long, readers understood 100 percent of the story.To find out how to contact our customer care team, please visit Back in the day, our matchmakers used to coordinate both group dates and 1-on-1 dates.But the journalists I talked to had a different take on what works – which could change how we consider the number of ways/no-fail strategies/elements/rules when it comes to writing pitches.

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Even at 14 words, they could comprehend more than 90 percent of the information.

But move up to 43-word sentences, and comprehension dropped below 10 percent.”So there you have it.

Consider in 2013 that Forbes published Cheryl Conner’s article on How To Pitch To The Press: The 8 No-Fail Strategies. published John Brandon’s PR Cheat Sheet: 10 Elements of a Savvy Pitch Email.

Cision, a journalist contact database, decided eight strategies or 10 elements were too many and came up with 6 Simple Rules for Email Pitches.

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