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In this case, we’re talking about management and visibility.How well are you able to see all of your resources? Because business is now directly tied to the capabilities of IT, it’s more important than ever to have proactive visibility into both the hardware and software layers of the modern data center.

With that in mind, we look at three key areas that managers should look at when it comes to data center consolidation.

Solutions ranging for advanced software-defined technologies to new levels of virtualization help create a much more agile data center architecture.

When it comes to hardware and consolidation, you have several options: The software piece of the data center puzzle is absolutely critical.

To drive this effort, the CIO Council launched the Federal Data Center Consolidation Task Force that serves as a forum for best practices and lessons learned.

It has led ongoing inventory validation and verification mechanisms to ensure the accuracy of this data and monitor the execution of agency consolidation plans.

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