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For some students there’s fraternity and sorority recruitment -– which is another level of intimidating.But many students will be spending this week attending something they’ve only seen about in or in a completely inaccurate scene on ABC Family –- their first college party. ), I thought I would share my knowledge of parties and give some helpful tips to actually enjoying your first college party.For many students, college is their first experience of living on their own.This may tempt many college students to go wild and live recklessly but this is not advisable.While avoiding alcohol yourself is a good idea, it is also important to recognize that other guests of the party may not be following your example.This makes it necessary to guard against unwelcome advances by fellow college students who are feeling the effects of reduced inhibitions.

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But, that also means that fall is just around the corner.

With fall comes new classes but more importantly –- new freshman.

Look, I still remember freshman year like it was yesterday, and I remember being terribly nervous.

Dating during the college years has it's own unique challenges.

These challenges relate to the new found freedom that many college students experience when they venture out onto their own as well as the effects that alcohol can have on a relationship.

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